Yoga for Kindness

5.00 1 hour

The Yoga for Kindness small group class is temporarily on hiatus pending a more spacious location. When it’s back, it lasts about an hour, happens once each week and is almost free* (see below). Now that’s happiness!

It begins in Sukasana [Easy Pose] with setting an intention for the practise, an introduction to Ujjayi Breathing [Victorious or Ocean Breath] which is important for any yoga practise and a few minutes of Nadi Shodhana [Alternate Nostril Breathing] and is followed by a sequence of standing, seated, and floor postures, ending with Savasana, a short meditation and of course, tea.

If you’re new to yoga and looking for a private or small group lesson that includes the Surya Namasakar [Sun Salutation] sequence, start with the Beginner Yoga Class. If you’re looking for a class that’s dedicated to deepening your Surya Namaskar practice, the Sunrise Yoga class is designed expressly with that intention.

In keeping with the theme of kindness for this yoga class it’s almost free insofar as all the proceeds go to BirdLife Malta. Here’s the catch: if you find some meaning or get some other benefit (kindness maybe?) from the practise:

Download the Yoga for Kindness class PDF here.


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