Yoga for Better Sleep

Price by # in class 1 hour

The better breathing habits, attention and mindfulness that come with any regular yoga practise make for better sleep. Why? Because you learn to focus more on the flow of your breath as it moves in and out with the vinyāsa [flow] of your practise — more breath, more flow = less worry and anxiety.

This particular Indri Yoga class is an hour-long lesson with extra attention on your breath; a beginning meditation taking the mantra, So Hum; and asanas [postures] that are gentle and easy to practise just before bedtime, including a longer, guided Savasana [Corpse Pose.]

  • Read more in Amy McMillan’s March 18, 2018 article “Mindfulness for Sensitive Sleepers.
  • In case you were wondering, no, this class isn’t about learning to sleep while standing on one leg like the Prague Zoo flamingos in the photo above 🙂
  • For an invigorating, wide-awake, one-legged asanas [postures] class (and other kinds of balance,) try the Indri Yoga Balance Class.