Yoga for Balance

Yoga is rife with balance asanas [postures]:

  • arm, hand and one-legged balances (like the demonstration shown here by the devilishly debonair duckling winging it in Virabhadrasana III [Warrior 3] for this class,)
  • head, shoulders, knees and toe balances, and
  • sit bone balances like navasana [boat pose.]

And most yoga balances require regular practice…

… to execute safely and master beautifully, but most of all, they demand focus — maybe the most important element in a holistic yoga journey.

So that’s where we start — whether you’re a beginner yogi or a regular yoga practitioner struggling with a posture or striving for more focus, this class gives you the space to discover your own unique balance of body, breath, Prana [energy] and presence.

This class is a flow of balance postures as well a personal journey of discovery of the balance of space, life & breath in yoga.