Sunrise Yoga

Surya Namaskar [Sun Salutation] is a wonderful total-body warming, stretching and strengthening yoga sequence that you can practise morning, noon or night but if you can fit it in first thing in the morning it will change your day. And if your days start changing for the better…

Surya Namaskar Vimeo video by Elena Nogués still image of woodpecker in a forest
(48 sec. Surya Namaskar animation by Elena Nogués opens in a new tab)
In keeping with the Indri Yoga “bird theme” it’s awesomely fitting that Elena saw fit to open her animated Surya Namaskar yoga sequence (above) with a woodpecker (I’m guessing in the bird equivalent of Tree Pose) in a forest.

If you’re new to yoga, at first glance, Surya Namaskar [Sun Salutation] might look as challenging as a Bolshoi Ballet, but after this class, a little homework and some practise you’ll be waking up muscles, magic and space you didn’t know were in you.
The sequence is only 9 postures (the way I teach it) that you learn to flow through from 1-9 and then back to 1. With a little practise it’s a piece of cake. 1. Tadasana [Mountain Pose] to 2. Hasta Uttanasana [Sky Reaching Pose] to 3. Uttanasana [Intense Forward Fold] to 4. Ardha Uttanasana [Half Forward Fold] to 5. Ashwa Sanchalanasana [Equestrian Pose or Low Lunge] to 6. Phalakasana [Plank Pose] to 7. Chaturanga Dandasana [Four-Limbed Staff Pose] to 8. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana [Upward Dog] to 9. Adho Mukha Svanasana [Downward Dog] and then all the way back in reverse to Tadasana.

This hour-long class, like most Indri Yoga classes, begins with a short, Sukasana [Easy Pose/Meditation] and Nadi Shodhana [Alternate Nostril Breathing] and ends with Savasana [Corpse Pose.] The bulk of the class is an intense and in-depth Surya Namaskar study & practise and there are modifications; both for easing into the more challenging postures, and variations to turn up the volume if you feel like going deeper.