Men’s OS Yoga

Guys are notorious for refusing to ask for directions, avoiding what’s uncomfortable and thinking yoga’s for girls, so kudos to you for getting this far.

There are no chicks, soothing music or incense in the Men’s OS Yoga Class but there there is breath work, a meditation component and instruction on how to focus your attention on the time and space in each asana [posture.]

Unlike a gym workout, it isn’t all about crushing it, building muscle and getting a six-pack. It’s an hour-long mix of arm, leg, core and balance postures with special attention to engaging and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles (more or less where your prostate gland is.)

You will sweat. It’s gonna hurt. And you may well be a better man for it:

If you’re (a) a guy, and (b) stiff in the morning, the Men’s OS yoga class is for you.

Mucho macho reasons guys hesitate to practise yoga:

  • “It’s for babes in Lycra.”
    For thousands of years yoga was a male-dominated discipline and not one of them wore tights: Get over it. Grab whatever you’d normally wear to the gym (read the FAQs for more details,) take this class, stay the course, and aside from all the other benefits, if you do decide to join a group class, you’ll be ready for that room full of stretchy chicks.
  • “I’m inflexible and impatient.”
    Unless you became like that overnight we probably can’t overcome those limitations in a one-hour class, but in the words of Chinese Philosopher Laozi, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”
  • “I want to build muscle, not to be able to stick my toe in my ear.”
    Extending your range of motion is instrumental to better lifting, cardio and body weight workouts. And an ongoing yoga practise builds beautiful muscle — all the way from your headstand to your Eka Pada Shirsha Prapadasana.
  • “Yoga’s for sensitive guys.”
    Chill dude! Try a can of “Sensitive” shaving cream and if that doesn’t make you less macho, you can handle this no problemo! And you’ll be more fit, stretchy and maybe just a little more zen-like.
  • “My partner thinks I need to try yoga.”
    Awesome! If your partner’s a guy you can bring him along (just add his name in the field below the appointment calendar,) or book a Couples Yoga Class for the two of you. If your partner’s a chick then, booking a Yoga for Chicks class for her would be a nice way to say thanks don’t you think?

“If you’re new to flexibility training, I urge you to take a yoga class or one-on-one session with an experienced instructor. Though it can be tough to take that first step, it almost always winds up being worth it. Having an instructor there in person adds a lot to the training.”
Al Kavadlo, Stretching Your Boundaries: Flexibility Training for Extreme Calisthenic Strength