Couples Yoga

30.00 90 minutes

We all want to fall in love, make and maintain meaningful friendships and partnerships and have all those connections stay perfectly put, with the same passion, creativity, commitment and effortless togetherness that inspired them.

I think (actually I know) that we hold the idea, image or feeling of perfection we had in the beginning as some kind of ideal. Unfortunately there’s no way back to that moment but there is a way to experience the moments that follow more fully and that’s what the practice of yoga has always been intended to achieve.

One way to start redefining a “couples magic place” is being willing to explore where we are right now, in this moment. Or is that two steps? Never mind. It’s not all serious. It includes some quiet, some stretching, touching, listening and tea.

You will laugh in this class. It’s way more fun than golf or stamp collecting, way less dangerous than volcano boarding and nowhere near as noisy as being a Great Horned Owl couple.

About the Indri Yoga Couples Class: A couple is two. That’s as complicated as my definition gets. The Indri Yoga Couples Class is designed for life partners, married couples, best friends forever (BFFs), best buddies, friends with benefits (FWBs), girlfriends, boyfriends and business partners.

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.
— Maya Angelou


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